President, Chief Creative Officer

If there’s one thing Joe has a passion for it’s a challenge – the more daunting, the better.

Who else could take on a campaign to boost recruitment for an all-new volunteer U.S. Army – at the height of the Vietnam War?

The result? One of the most famous (and longest running) campaigns in the annals of advertising: “Be All You Can Be.”

But that’s Joe, always pushing the envelope.

A big believer in immersing himself in a client’s business, Joe’s experience reads like a Who’s Who of international brands: AT&T, DuPont, Pizza Hut, Folgers Coffee, Volkswagen, Newsweek, and DeBeers Diamonds, to name-drop just a few.

After working at some of the country’s top agencies – including Doyle Dane Bernbach, the shop that sparked advertising’s creative revolution – Joe moved from New York to Philadelphia to work for N.W. Ayer.

When Ayer left Philly for NYC, Joe put down roots in the city he came to love and founded Tyson & Partners, an agency that grew so fast (50% a year!) it caught the attention of Ketchum Communications, who acquired Tyson in the mid 1980’s.

Post Tyson, and with clients begging Joe to hang out his own shingle, he started J. Caserta & Associates. That agency led to a reunion with long-time friends Joe DiLeonardo and Jerry Siano and the birth of DSC.

As you might expect Joe has more than a few advertising awards under his belt (he lost count at 200), including a CLEO, a Gold One Show, and an Effie for advertising effectiveness.

Up against a tough marketing hurdle?

We know a guy who loves a challenge.

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