Director of Traffic & Production

Some people have a knack for getting things done.

With Tony Leone it's more than a knack - it's an obsession. He's DCS's go-to-guy for making things happen. On time and on budget.

That's not surprising.

Tony has over thirty years of experience in advertising, with an emphasis on healthcare and medical products. He's run the show (production and creative) for some of the biggest names in business ... GlaxoSmithkline; Wyeth; Johnson & Johnson; Merck & Company, and a lot more than we have room to mention here.

Tony's used to wearing a lot of hats. He's been a Senior VP/Creative Director at Lewis, Gilman & Kynett. At LGK, he helped create an innovative profit center for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which boosted business over $12,000,000. (How's that for results?)

He was also a Creative Director for VICOM/Foote, Cone and Belding.

From print and broadcast, to interactive and everything in between, DSC is tickled to have Tony's vast knowledge of creative and production in-house.

Got a big project on your plate? Call Tony. And consider it done.

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